About Us

About Us

Active General Traders Limited (AGTL) is owned by Canadian and Trinidadian Shareholders that began trading activities in September 2000.  Ideally located in Balmain, Couva (Central) Trinidad and now in Carnbee, Tobago, AGTL operates an islandwide wholesale and retail distribution business and an Automotive Service Center.

Our business activities include wholesale and retail distribution of ACDelco Sealed Maintenance Free Automotive and Specialized Batteries manufactured by General Motors Inc.; new imported commercial, agricultural and industrial Tyres; Automotive Accessories; Lubricants; industrial, instrumentation and Engineering Equipment and electrical repairs.  Our services include computerized wheel alignment and balancing, installation of all tyres, repairs to all types of vehicles, together with a Licensing Authority Approved Vehicle Testing Station facility.

AGTL has been appointed the Local Distributor by General Motors Inc. for the past fifteen (15) years, for the supply of automotive parts for Chevrolet vehicles and AC Delco (GM Manufactured) parts for a range of vehicles, in addition to their AC Delco Automotive and Marine Maintenance Free Batteries.

The heightened increase in activities in the Construction Industry in Trinidad and Tobago over the recent years allowed us to diversify and invest into this sector, primarily in the areas of General Contracting Works and Civil Engineering. We have also partnered with larger Contracting Firms to undertake large-scale projects.  This has proven to be very viable and successful given our Country’s strong economic climate and the multitude of Government-sponsored projects.

Around the world, emphasis is now being placed on environmental  friendly and energy conserving products and within recent years this emphasis has been incorporated within our Government’s budget.  AGTL has also invested in the solar powered line of products supplied by Carmanah Technologies Inc, Victoria, B.C., Canada.  To date, we have supplied the oil industry, Aviation and Marine Authorities with an extensive scope of products.  Additionally, we are also the Distributor for ADB Airfield Solutions, supplying a vast range of airfield lighting products for airport related construction and maintenance both locally and regionally.

The company is managed by qualified, dynamic and certified professionals who have been trained to work in the challenges of our rapidly developing environment, adapting to the approaches to new technology and innovations and improving quality of work to match continuous growth.

Mission Statement

To be preeminent in the retail and wholesale distribution sector and exalted in the construction segments of the local economy.

Our Company’s reputation is built on honesty and integrity; providing high quality products and impeccable services.

We strive to be the most efficient and professional Company, delivering prompt, efficient quality services and products, placing our customers first in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.


Danny Balkissoon – Managing Director
Bsc. Economics – Mc Master University, Canada

Mr. Balkissoon has over thirty (30) years cumalative experience both locally and internationally in the tyre and tyre manufacturing business.  He has held managerial positions both at Caribbean Tyre Company Ltd (manufacturer of Dunlop Tyres) and at Goodyear Tyre Service Centers in Canada.  Mr. Balkissoon served for five (5) years as Managing Director at Action Tyre Ltd has been at the realm of AGTL since inception.

Errol Ramnath – Director - Finance
Association of Chartered Accountants (UK)

Mr. Ramnath has over thirty (30) years work experience in the tyre manufacturing business.  He held the position of Finance Director for fifteen (15) years at Caribbean Tyre Company Ltd and was the Plant Manager for Carlisle Tyre Company Ltd for eleven (11) years.  He has been the Business Development Manager for AGTL for four years and Director for the past three years.

Dennis Lalla – Project Manager
BSc. Engineering (London)

Mr. Lalla has over thirty (30) years cumulative work experience in the disciplines of engineering.  He has held the positions of  Engineer, Senior Engineer and Project Engineer at various divisions in Petrotrin.  Mr. Lalla joined AGTL in 2007 and presides over all construction projects.

Shelly Ramsubhag – Executive Manager - Projects / Construction / Business Development
BA (Upper Second Class Hons) Management – Oxford Brookes University London

Ms. Ramsubhag has thirteen (13) years cumulative work experience in project management and construction management  and administration and three (3) years in marketing management.  This highly ambitious individual has been extensively trained in Construction Finishes and Project Management tools and techniques.  Ms. Ramsubhag also recently received additional training in Airport Field Lighting and Maintenance.

Mr. Renney Balkissoon – Executive Manager – Marketing & Sales
Bsc Marketing

Mr. Balkissoon joined AGTL in 2009 as a Marketing Manager. This dynamic individual has been the brain child of all the marketing strategies and events of the Company in particular the AcDelco brand.  Renney has over 25 years in the Marketing and Sales field and has work with several international Companies prior to 2009.

Mr. Victor Ryan Roberts – Executive Manager – Engineering and Technical
Services – Airport & Solar Dept

Mr. Roberts is the newest addtion to the Executive Management team.  He is a meticulous and focused professional who has considerable experience in Engineering, Operations , Risk Management and Health an d Safety Policies and Practices.

Construction Division Profile

The Construction Division of AGTL has been actively involved in various projects as a main contractor as well as a sub-contractor throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  Together with our licensed plumbers and electricians, our qualified and experienced Civil Consultants and technicans and our dedicated administractive staff, AGLT has successfully completed projects with on and before schedules.

No. Client Value (Vat Excl) Duration Scope of Services
1 Dynamic Developers Ltd $4 M 2004 – 2008 Residential Plots – 5 Acres
2 Export Facilities $3.8M 2004 Renovate & Refurbish
3 Chaguaramas Development Authority $2.5M 2006 Refurbishment of the Convention Centre
4 Udecott $1 M 2007 – 2008 Roads & Drainage Upgrade
5 Dynamic Developers Ltd $15 M 2008 – Present Residential Plots – 9 Acres
6 AGTL $2.3 M 2007 – 2009 Construction of Warehouse with Mezzanine Floor
7 Large Farms $7 M 2009 Infrastructure Works
8 AGTL $3 M 2009 – 2010 Construction of Warehouse with Mezzanine Floor
9 National Maintenance Training and Security Ltd $10 M   Infrastructure Works
10 EIDCOT $3.74M 2012-2013 Solar Street Lighting Project
11 National Maintenance Training and Security Ltd $ 10.46M 2012 – 2014 Construction of Community Centre
12 SPORTT $10 M 2013-2015 Construction of Pavilions / Courts / Refurbishment works
13  Division of Works and Infrastructure, THA $1.5M 2014-2015 Infrastructure Works 
14 Ashbury Ltd $2.5M 2015-2016 Residential Property
15 Rural Development Co of T&T $.5M 2016 Drainage
16 Private Owner $3M 2016-Currently Construction of 3 level Residential Units


Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

It is the Policy of AGTL to ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and that all practicable measures ae taken to avoid risk to employees, contractors, the general public and environment.

Management is responsible for implementing this Policy and shall ensure that health and safety considerations are given priority in all Company operations.

All employees, contractors and sub contractors are required to co-operate with the Company in carrying out this Policy, and must ensure that their own work is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

The Board of Directors has appointed the Safety Officer with specific responsibility for Health and Safety for construction sites and to give advice on the requirements of the relevant statutory provisions, and, to monitor the performance of its employees.

The Statement of the Company Safety Policy shall be displayed prominently at all Company office premises and at all sites where Company have operating responsibilites.

The organisation and arrangements for implementing the Policy shall also be available at Company offices and at each site for reference by any employee or contractor as required.

Environmental & Safety Policy

Active General Traders Limited is committed to achieving world class performance in environmental practice and the development of environmental solutions to improve the environment.  The Company has a responsibility for the effects its operations have on local environments and is committed to minimizing impact on its own and in partnership with others.

AGTL management is based on the principle of achieving and reporting continuous improvement in enviromental performance.

To achieve this objective, AGTL will:

  • Comply with all legal requirements, regulations and standards of the Country in which it operates in. Adopt monitoring systems to ensure compliance.
  • Keep under review the environmental development in its business area to identify best practice and local expectations and introduce improvement to operating practices where appropriate.
  • Liaise with the local community to find acceptable solutions where ever possible.
  • Plan and execute works to minimize the effects the noise, dust disturbance and inconvenience to those affected by its operations where practicable.
  • Where there is the opportunity, influence the customer to adopt cost effective environmentally positive solutions.
  • Recognise the importance of training and education of employees on enviromental issues.
  • Ensure that all Company premises are accessible to the general public are clean and tidy at all times
  • Compile an annual report for the Enviromental Advisory Committee of its assessment of critical impacts, the improvments achieved in operations and targets for the future.


This Company considers no operation more important than worker safety and health.  We will provide and maintain safety and health working conditions and establish and insist on safe working methods and practices at all times.

Each level of Management must display an interest in Company Safety and Health Objectives and set a good example by complying with Company Safety and Health Rules.

The Site Safety Co-ordinator has the authority and responsibility to provide guidance and aid to Superintendents, Foremen and Employees in preventing accidents.  The Co-ordinator should be knowledgeable in construction safety and health practices and the OSHA regulations.

Goal / Purpose

We want to make our safety and health efforts successful in that we make elimination of accidents and injuries not just a goal but a way of life.

Management interest must be vocal, visible and continuous from Top Management to Foreman.

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